Type B electric meter

Hello I live in Prague and I have PRE as a distributor and Innogy as provider.
I’d like to move to Delta Green and embrace spot price. One condition is have a type B electric meter. How can I find out if I have an electric meter of that type? In case I do not have it what are my options? Does PRE change them in Prague?

If you don’t have FVE on the roof you probably don’t have type B electric meter. I don’t know about PRE but eg.d. change them if you pay for it (onetime payment for a work and the meter + yearly fee for “operation of a higher type of measurement at the customer’s request”) so I decided not go for it as the money I would spare by embracing spot prices would just cover the payment (hopefully). But there is hope:
The installation of so-called Smart metering is governed by Decree on Measurement 359/2020 Coll. where the start of smart metering installation is set for 1 July 2024. They will first be installed at consumption points with an annual consumption of more than 6MWh (+ all 2Tariff consumption points) - these points must be equipped by the end of 2027, and then the installation will gradually continue at the remaining consumption points.

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I do not have FVE then likely I do not have type B.
Yes I looked at the installation tarrif and they seems quite expensive to operate. Pre ask 1303 inc. DPH every month. At that point it does not make much sense as you said.
I have yearly high consumption around 16 MWh. I have electric boiler. Then it means that i will be get at a certain point that meter and I won’t need to pay it?

That’s correct, since july the meters will gradually be changed by the distribution companies and with your consumption you should be within the first changed, I guess. And that will be for free as it is by law.